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June 29, 2015

Mercury Toxicity Poisoning

Freya Koss suffered the effects of mercury toxicity poisoning which manifested with symptoms similar to Myasthenia Gravis after a dentist appointment.

When we were kids, we all knew that if a thermometer broke, the red liquid inside was poisonous mercury.  We needed to stay away from it.  We would look at the liquid and be slightly intrigued but also afraid because we were in the presence of a toxic substance.  Most recently, we’ve heard that eating too much tuna fish can lead to mercury poisoning.   A slew of articles came out advising pregnant women to refrain from eating tuna and warning everyone else to restrict intake.    

But in our society, there are instances when we inhale and ingest mercury without our knowledge and without full disclosure.  One example is dental amalgam.  When you went to the dentist as a child, it never occurred to you or your parents, that the fillings put in your teeth might be dangerous.  It was never discussed and never contemplated.  The truth is that dental amalgam contains mercury and mercury is toxic.  But dental amalgam is a cheap substance to produce, so the American Dental Association swears by its safety, even at the expense of its own members.  Being around dental amalgam in a work setting and removing it without protective gear is dangerous as well.     

If you ask Freya Koss, there is no doubt that dental amalgam is harmful.  She is currently the Director of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercury Free Dentistry. When she went to get her amalgam fillings taken out and replaced, almost immediately after, she suffered a devastating immune response that manifested with symptoms similar to Myasthenia Gravis.  It was a hard time for her but she fought relentlessly, knowing that the cause of her suffering was the mercury exposure in her mouth.  You can read her story here.

Her experience was not unique.  There are many others who are suffering the effects of mercury toxicity poisoning.   Have you ever broken a standard light bulb?  Very few haven’t.  Did you know there is mercury among all those little seemingly harmless components that make up the inside of the bulb?  Mercury is everywhere and it is up to us as consumers to demand that this toxic substance is either removed from our daily lives, or at the very least we have an opportunity to make an informed decision by alerting us to its presence wherever it may be.

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